Development - The Lighting Consultants

Providing detailed engineered solutions ready for manufacturing

Attention to detail is key in the development of any product and we will consider the whole spectrum of tasks to ensure our clients receive a robust engineered solution. When developing any components DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is always a priority.

Optical and Mechanical development work closely together to attain a feasible lighting solution that is ready for manufacturing, all tool features will be agreed with the manufacturer and released under our tool release gateway. A functional prototype is made to ensure the results prior to commencing with manufacturing.

A selection of the various lighting types we cover:

  • Functional lighting:
  • PRNDL Indicator
  • Stowage bins
  • OHC (Overhead consoles)
  • Reading/Spot lights
  • Luggage illumination
  • Contour lighting:
  • Door trims
  • Centre console /IP
  • Speaker trims
  • Ventilation elements
  • Control switches/handles
  • Ambient lighting;
  • Door trims
  • Centre console /IP
  • Foot well
  • Roof lining
  • Stowage bins

You can feel confident in our ability to deliver solutions to your required specification, provide us with an engineering challenge and it will be resolved.