What we did

A Tier 2 supplier came to us with a major lighting issue at Job1 build. There were several severe issues realised with the parts being fitted. There was uneven lighting distribution in the centre console storage space, there was an unwanted reflection from a chrome bezel at the front of the target area for illumination. There was also a lack of sufficient colour mixing prior to the ejection of the light. We managed to turn around designs solutions in 12 weeks not only fixing all of the problems but also keeping investment costs to a minimum by working within the existing tools.

How we did it

We analysed the existing lighting which revealed dramatic bright spots and uneven light distribution. The angle of projection was incorrect and the optical textures were too large and insufficient in quantity. Our development team reviewed and tested options, finally producing the solution that is illustrated in the photos below. We rotated the optical textures, multiplied the quantity by 3 and reduced the size drastically finally delivering consistent and uniform lighting to the storage space for greater visibility.

The result

We delivered an optimized light guide that was right the first time. The revised light guide fixed the colour mixing issue, the rotation of the optical textures solved the undesirable reflection and the increase of textures and reduction in size provided a homogeneous light that was exactly as expected from the lighting simulation ahead of tool kick off. The greatest achievement in this project was the very tight timing that we managed to work within, thus enabling production to continue without affecting the launch date.