What we did

The project started with Audi concept ideas and ran through to a DFM “design for manufacturing” status. We developed a multicolour contour light with a blind spot warning function and ambient lighting in the doors front and rear, the centre console side trim and cup holder. We pushed the manufacturing and lighting boundaries with the contour light – the solution was a 2-shot injection moulded part that is plastic chromed to reveal a 0.8mm illuminated contour light. Considering the engineering challenges involved, through collaboration the project was a success that can be seen in 2016 release vehicles.

How we did it

Using our expert team and state-of-the-art software we delivered tool ready parts that satisfied the technical requirements as per the final specifications.
Expert analysis and optical development processes for each system were key to the success of the lighting package delivered to Audi. The Lighting Consultants provided constant support throughout the development to achieve design completion.

The result

As a result, the client received tool-ready solutions, final 2D drawings, and signed off lighting simulations that satisfied the requirements detailed in the specification. As a company we also gained vast knowledge in contour lighting technology, included 2-shot mouldings and plastic chroming on challenging parts.